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I'm ready to appear
A poet, again here.
Losing his fear.

Is there a pillar
One I can lean on when my mind starts to wander?

Is it at all possible
That pillar is among
The people on here?

The lights been dim
Yet its still there
Pulsating slowly

I'm screaming within
Please save me
Yet inside it can't be heard.

I remember the place
Not a face
Not even a name.

I remember one I talked to on the phone
For months on end
Then I started going jail and figured that was the start of the end.

Then another who believed in me like no other
I lost composure
Then ran for cover

Someone please save me
Prevent me running for cover
Before I end up even quieter.

I need to know you'll fight for me too
I been fighting losing battles within
So that last step is hell'a hard, fin.



  • Sep 29, 2020

  • Sep 29, 2020

  • Sep 29, 2020

  • Brilliantly pure and raw

    Sep 29, 2020

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