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Are you a resident of California? If Yes, there’s something to cheer about. The present 2020 guidelines regarding ADU construction & remodeling has opened up new vistas. Thanks to a friendly policy of the local land development authority of the state of CA that has brought about this welcome change. Otherwise, the age-old guidelines and legal hurdles were a big bottleneck in the process of moving ahead with a space reclamation. Accessory Dwelling Units or ‘Granny Flats’ are now a common phenomenon in every house in the US. And, in the state of California, it is becoming hugely popular with homeowners that want ‘urgent’ additional space. The new California ADU rules & regulations certify that now a household is permitted to build two separate ADUs on a single family zoned property. So, more functional space. What’s more, now a homeowner needn’t have to pay any ‘impact fee’ or charge for an ADU construction which is below 750 sq. ft. You couldn’t have asked for anything more. These are a couple of many new guidelines as formulated by the California Land and Housing Development Authority for making the construction process easy and streamlined.

Why is the State of CA, Perfect for Smart ADUs?

There are huge tracts of open spaces lying unused within homes and ranches in northern California. And, in the city of Cupertino too, people are going for space addition via ADU construction. This is keeping in mind the present guidelines of the state that help one such activity become effortless and smooth. Why not think of hiring the services of acclaimed ADU remodelers in Cupertino, if you’re in need of that extra space. This is the only reason why law abiding homes are going for extensive renovation in the form of garage & loft conversion, parking space conversion and basement remodeling to get access to new space. This is vital for a comfortable and spacious living. In fact, an ADU can also be a source of extra monthly income, if you have plans to rent it out. Otherwise, it’s a perfect place to keep your old grandpa or grandma, and enjoy your privacy at home. Cupertino in California has a couple of good ADU remodelers that can help reclaim that much needed space, out of nowhere. This is where their expertise lies.

Why not pledge to make your dwelling area more spacious, vibrant and comfortable before Christmas 2020. It would be a sort of a perfect gift for your family, this festive season. Though, the surprise element wouldn’t be there. But I’m sure, your family would love it. In fact, who doesn’t crave for comfortable living. And, when it is by converting an old unused garage or a basement parking area, nothing like it. There are premium ADU contractors in Cupertino CA that are specialists in all forms of home remodeling in California. And why not! When the new state rules & regulations are in your favor, one such space addition means sense. Anything between 450 - 1050 sq. ft. can be converted into an Accessory Dwelling Unit. It can be a detached or an attached unit. Else, it can be a separate floor above your house. Whatever be the design, the bottom-line is, you get new space within. So, remodel your ADU in Cupertino CA the way you like it, and carve out an additional living space within your compound.


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