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Sometimes the voices in my head 
Dictate to me the words
 I have to express through my poems,
When I'm happy, when I get sad.

 Sometimes my life stories want to be heard 
By others who resonate with my life experience,
 With my changing feelings...
With my ordinary life.

  Sometimes I think
 It all started with a play 
And became a passion, 
My soul's addiction to poetry.  

I don't know you, but I would like you to know
 That you are not alone
 And you got hugged through my words, 
Which can comfort you 
When someone lets you down. 

To protect your wonderful soul, read, 
To descend into the stories 
Of those who write life stories similar to your life.

  When you don't know what to say, 
Write your thoughts on a piece of paper.
 It will release you and you will be able
 To put them in order, 
Making it easier to express them later.


  • Sep 27, 2020

  • Sep 27, 2020

  • Very well put. :)

    Sep 27, 2020

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