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Hello fellow writers, 

Yesterday I saw two new posts by Jared; the latest updates on Top Writers as well as Popular Writings. I'd like to extend my congratulations to those who made the cut. 

Three years ago when I first joined Writer's Outlet, things were done differently. In order to make the Top Writers list, you would have to have the volume; in short, as long as you have a massive amount of writings published on the app, you are almost certain of getting a spot on the list, regardless if you publish just one sentence of writing or an entire novel each time. Then Jared realized that that system wasn't fair to those who are new to the app for how can they compete with someone who has been on the app longer and who has had the time to build up their portfolio. And so he changed the algorithm to enable anyone to make the list. With that new algorithm, I was able to make the Top Writers list after almost a year of being an active and regular writer on the app. 

Back then, there was no such thing as "Popular Writings" where writings that stand out are being highlighted like the way they are today. However, writers back then pushed themselves hard to showcase their creative abilities which was clearly evident in the contents that they put out. And the thing about how things were back then was that each piece of writing was viewed and received as a piece of creative art and nothing more. 

Today, Jared has made this app far more exciting by adding more categories and sub-categories for us to expand our creative containers. As writers, we are unique and so different from one another that it's not worthy of comparison. We each have our own unique way of expressing ourselves through our words. Some may choose to paint their words in a subtle way, while some like me, may choose to be more vivid. Either way, there is nothing wrong with what way we choose to express ourselves because at the end of the day, we are all writers here. And as writers, I feel that we should all be matured and receptive enough to treat published contents as reading materials and not be emotionally upset if the things we read hit too close to home. 

Fact is, no two journeys are the same. We all move through life at our own pace and reach different stages at different times. It is the same with writing. We are all individuals expanding our own creative container. And that individuality is a blessing. Let's respect our uniqueness and let's shine bright as bright as we can.


  • Thank you Zee.

    Sep 27, 2020

  • Sep 27, 2020

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