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I know that I'm not very nice in fact my heart is as cold as ice
You don’t have to push and yes, I got the bell ok I am getting to the story my friend here wants me to tell
He says I only think of myself and all my wealth I have never cared about anybody else or their health
I have to believe it's important to me a person can change in one night I don't know how to explain it but I feel so giddy and light
It is like I lost 50 lbs. of flab and fat that was around my back I feel 20 years younger let’s go run around that track
You see here a reformed man when I was a kid my parents were mean and cruel and over the years my heart turned to ice, I laughed at people’s mishaps just like my parents I was ten times worse not very nice
The cold that surrounded my frozen heart has melted and I once again could feel my own heart began to beat the ice is gone it is all melted away and now, I can feel the warmth of the sun on my skin from my head to my feet
I have to believe that even though I was the meanest man in town That no matter how old you get you can change and turn it around
I know you won’t ever listen to me again after all the lies that I told about you and plus all those ugly fights but I need you to see cant you look into my eyes and see that there is a  sparkle shinning bright
I feel fancy free and I am sorry for all the mean things I told people about you it was selfish mean and wrong  you were only thing that gave me chance and I betrayed you for money power and greed because you were week and I was strong
I called you a what yes I did  but that was not me you will have to look through your inner eyes to see
I know I did I admit it I mastered the art of being a bastard and getting away with it the worst thing I ever did was that I never made you feel that you belonged I always made you feel like shit
I never introduced you to anyone as my wife you should had me hogged tied and stabbed in the back with a knife
Now I realized that people all have feelings and no one is better than another we are all here to experience that which we call life with each other
I’m so sorry it took me so long to learn that I know now after so many wasted years that being bossy is not the same as wearing the hat
You could say some one very dear to me showed me how to sing but I fear that I may have been to late to ask you to once again wear this ring
There was total and utterly silence everyone was staring until she put on the ring the crowd went nuts and then out of nowhere I felt a bee sting
ok you don’t have to yell Did you get those wings did you hear the sound for all those bells 
Mow my friend is happy today because he finally got some wings hey bro let me give you some advice get rid of all that bling before you fall and sing 
To late there he went into the lake told you my friend you can’t  always have your cake 
My thanks again for opening my eye to see the beauty in life and giving me a second chance with my beautiful wife
I can see you do love me there it is I see that sparkle now come here and kiss me on my face 
But holding up a cast iron skillet I will keep this just in 


  • Sep 27, 2020

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