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With the right heartbeat 
She stole my heart.  
I told her: 
"Baby, please take it slow."

 With a heartbeat, 
She made me lose control.
 "Why are you in such a hurry
 To take me to your home?"

But I told her it wasn't the right time, 
For me it wasn't just a game.
"Darling, let it happen when the time comes."

 I need more than a kiss on my face.  
With the right smile she made me believe 
That even after years,
 She will answer to my calls.

The DJ leaves our favorite song to play, 
I need her touch to heal my wounds. 
With her natural smile,
 She made me spin in circles around.

I would have liked to leave,
 But I was paralyzed. 
 I don't know what will happen next day,
But I want to stay next to her breathing.


  • Aug 25, 2020

  • Aug 25, 2020

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