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Can't feel myself, for I live in bondage,
Have had it enough up to my neck,
I was captured, but now a fugitive.

Lost and clueless till my heart becomes ravage,
Slowly like a poison, you made me to be wreck,
With my soul, i take you to be positive.

My innocence was displayed and you took advantage,
You swept away my sense with your peck,
I'll break down the wall to search for my relative.

In my dealing, i represent my linage,
With all my might you're bedeck,
It rained on me heavily, cause am not sensitive.

In replacement of love, you took me hostage,
With tourment my heart now is a fleck,
Am blinded to know you're manipulative.

You took food away from me, I'm discourage,
You used me, but now you called me dreck,
Now, i see am just an alternative...


  • Aug 24, 2020

  • Aug 24, 2020

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