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In life, there are periods of hurt. I think of this hurt as just another step up the stairs of my life. But, sometimes it's hard for me to rember that, as pain always comes with suffering. I have so much built up hatred for the world and it's people, it's hard for me to express it with words. I've always tried to bury it all deep inside, as most people do, but, that's not the right way to do things. And I won't continue this process any longer. If you have hurt me, I will make damn sure that you know exactly what you did, and exactly how much it affected me. If I hate you, I'm going to tell you. If I don't like something that you do, I'll tell you. I'm not holding anything back anymore. 

Moving on, after this long, or short, period of hurt, comes the next step on your stairs. Happiness and prosperity. All of the pain you had felt previously, was just a distraction until you were ready to climb up to the next step. All good things must be earned. You deserve this. This period in your life is obviously much better than the last, with sunny roads ahead. But even in this stage, there's no such thing as perfection, and there are bound to be storms along the way. Good things always come with a price.

This is the continuous cycle of life. Bad things happen. But good things come from that. Or not. The negativity may just continue to spread, but at some point, you'll find joy, and realize that it was all worth it. Paradise cannot be reached until you've completed the journey. Whether it's good or bad. That's just the way life works.


  • Aug 24, 2020

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    Aug 24, 2020

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