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The blame game is over.
Tired of losing composure.
I'm not seeking exposure.
I just write, cuz it's my only kind of closure.
Look ma, no swear words.
My minds cleaning up chords
Waiting to get plugged into the walls.
Write it in the halls.
Put my name in all the stalls. 
I'll keep walking like I can't even hear the jokes.
Still though, y'all got jokes.
Like, "all you do is find ways to begin your copes."
So sorry my mind stopped working right when I was on all those drugs.
I ain't relapsed in years.
I'm finally all clears. 
Taking down floors
Walking down stairs
Cuz the spirals 
Collapsing due to corrosion through the years.
It's time to rebuild.
Create a new mold.
Make it sturdy.
Then plus up the dexterity. 


  • Aug 25, 2020

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