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It was a cool August night. I was in bed sleeping, my seizure meds made me very sleepy. I'm not sure what time I woke up but when I did there was a wall of flame before me. It cut the window off and the door off. I started to yell for my foster father. I yelled over and over. Finally he came but he couldn't get to me. My room was still being worked on so the ceiling was insulation and plastic and the plastic was melting and coming down like rain. That's how my foster father got his burns on his arms. So since they couldn't get to me that meant I had to get to them. So I took a running start and jumped through the fire and hit My entertainment center and crashed to the floor. I felt like I was frozen in time as I looked into my foster fathers eyes. But I immediately ran out of my bedroom and into his arms and that's when I noticed my pants were on fire down near my feat and my feat hurt like hell. All I wanted to do was go jump in the tub and put the fire out but my foster father was trying to pull my shirt off. And I didn't have anything on under it! He kept telling me my shirt was on fire but it didn't register until he took my face in his hands and said, "Cherie your shirt is on fire!" Well after that I let him take my shirt and I ran for the tub! To my surprise it was Full of water so I bailed right in, it was scalding hot! Someone had filled the tub with just hot water so they could finish what they were doing then add cold to it if need be. But I jumped up and down in there when I was told I had to get out of the house. I physically was taken out of the tub and brought outside. Firetrucks came the ambulance came and they loaded me up and headed for the hospital. In the end everyone went to the hospital because the foster dad needed medical attention. The ambulance attendants told the doctors that I had minor burns so with that knowledge they didn't come to see me right away. When he did get there i begged him to pore some water on my feet. Well he told me he wanted to take a look at my feet so he unwrapped them and was instantly furious! He started barking out orders including heavy duty pain meds. He asked if he could look at my face and I nodded yes. My hair was curled up on the ends and my face had 1st and 2nd degree burns. He checked my arms there was melted plastic on my arms which had to come out. He explained what he was going to do to me and he said it will hurt like hell, but I will make you as comfortable as I can. You feet have 3rd degree burns on them, that will be the most painful. And I'm sorry that I'm the one that's going to cause you so much pain. And he wasn't kidding! He had this brush that he scrubbed my feet with. He stopped and directed the nurse to give me more morphine. When that hit he went back to work. After he scrubbed it he started cutting the dead skin away. Every so often he would give me morphine then continue again. When the burn doctor landed there he checked me all over. He complimented the ER doc. on the great job he did. While they were talking the nurse came in with another shot. When the burn doc came back he was really looking at the burn on my right heal. He then told me I most likely would never walk again. Remember I was very hopped up on meds. I replied, "Fuck you Doc I'll walk outa this Fuckin hoshpital! I had to have surgery on my right foot and left toe. My left toe beside the big toe had split open like a hot dog. When I originally saw it i thought my toe was gone until a nurse showed me both sides of the toe, then I settled down. Then came my right foot, on the outside of the foot was a burnt section which the Dr. had to cut out then pull the skin together and sew it up. Then he had to do a 3 layer skin graph on my heal. So that all took some time to do. When I finally left the hospital I made them stop at the door and I walked out of that hospital! The nurse told me that I needed to use the wheelchair faithfully now, I know you had a point to make and I witnessed it! But now wheelchair! I agreed. When I went back to my doctor I told him how sorry I was for swearing at him. That's not me. He told me no apologies necessary! If all my patients told me off and then followed through like you did I'd welcome that every day! He then told me discard the wheel chair and use crutches faithfully. So I did just that. It seemed like an eternity that I was on those crutches but my appointment came and he announced he would be taking the wrappings off my feet! He got the wrappings off and there was this one big piece of gauze on my ankle I started to reach for it and the doctor told me that was sewn on. Once he cut that off I could see the damage. The doc was very happy with how it turned out! He wanted me to use the crutches but put weight on that foot as well. Not full weight for about a week. But keep the crutches on that second week when your putting full weight on your foot. The third week if everything has gone well use just one crutch. The forth week no crutches, but be brutally honest how that foot feels. I told him I've come this far nothings going to ruin it now!


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