Loving The Wrong Lovers Read Count : 17

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Why didn't You ask me before... 
If I'm ready to be born?

  I wanted a better place, 
Where I didn't have to pay
 For all my heart's mistakes. 

 How I can feel free
 Doing the things that make me happy, 
Knowing that You will not like it?

 And I will get to hell too soon, 
Without knowing the truth 
Said it from your lily mouth. 

 God, from what did You build me?
  You put the pain of the world on my shoulders, 
And my eyes cry incessantly, 
I feel like an orphan.  

God, I can't think straight,
 Because my heart is on the left side, 
And my brain is drugged by sick love
Loving the wrong lovers all the time.


  • Aug 23, 2020

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