The Unusual Happening Read Count : 27

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Adventure
Once there was a gentleman. He kept meat on the table and left to bring fork and spoon. When he returned the plate was empty. He knew it was his dog princess who ate the meat as the fence was moving. He was scared of going into the forest but he took a deep breath,closed his eyes and started walking towards the forest. He hit into thorns, bushes and cactuses. He heard scary noises from sides, from the sky and even behind the trees. Finally he heard a voice that asked“why did you come deep into the forest”. The gentleman replied“I lost my dog princess I came to find her ”. The guy who asked gentlemen the question was a magician. The magician said“I can help you”. The gentlemen was excited. The magician said to follow him. He did as he was instructed and when the magician said to stop he loses his eyes. Then the gentleman opened his eyes and found himself in his village. He felt bad as princess was lost but when he returned to his home he found princess was already in front of their house sleeping. He was very happy and he woke up princess and gave him meat to eat and hugged him.
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