At Least You Can Try It Read Count : 17

Category : Poems

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A tear shed from your guilt,
Burned my heart deep.
  A request that you did not listen to, 
And my heart is struggling now. 

 A touch left in the wind,
 Your words do not pay attention to my words.
 It is a free place,
 Please give time for yourself. 

 A serenade that was never sung, 
A tear that was forgotten in the corner of your mouth.
Without you I feel like in an abyss, 
Pressing my heart hard on my chest. 

 I know you can love me right,
 Changing the blue color of your heart.
 I know I can't be easily loved,
 But at least you can try it.


  • Aug 23, 2020

  • Aug 23, 2020

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