Tell Me Why Read Count : 21

Category : Poems

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My heart is torn to pieces,
 I turn in a circle.
 Sad and alone, 
Please tell me, 
Why did you go, girl?  

My lips are salty, 
My eyes are blind.
My world is empty. 
 Tell me, 
Where did you go, girl?

  My words are dead, 
Love is in pain,
 Everything hurts.
  Tell me, 
Why didn't stay with me more? 

 Unanswered questions, 
Your voice haunts me, 
What should I do now? 

 Tell me why did you hurt me,
 Tell me if you're happy. 
 I can't stop wondering, 
Why could you never give me love?

Tell me dear and I'll leave you alone...


  • Aug 23, 2020

  • Aug 23, 2020

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