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Our religions are boring us, can't forget every story comes back to us. It all started way back when your god was an active god someone knew him. We followed suit got to know him. depends where, who you're born with how they were taught. Some sadder than others, others plagued in thought, this was a time we all forgot. Nothing to remember is what I say, there's no active gods in the game today. They all said they are monsters among men and marched off left thoughts in our heads. We all have limitations setbacks you could say,  even the millionaires who romp and play. Plagued by their demons, lifes just a little easier, reason can solve it fix what god could not. couldn't be easier. They dont act out in all that splendor. Down to chromosomes we are the tinder, animals feeding and linking like it's natural. The world soon finds out what's most natural. one man at a time the place you go is most divine. The places you're taught and how to behave its no heaven for you get off our gates. Sounds so petty when Sitting in fixed thought my religion is right and your is not


  • Hrridayani Sav

    Hrridayani Sav


    Aug 22, 2020

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