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Hi It’s Evan again.

    I’m here to talk about the experiences of beginning to learn a system. How does someone who has never experienced a form of plurality in their life understand DID/OSDD. Well, It takes time and understanding how the disorder itself works. How switching, triggers and alters work especially during the months you spend more casual time with the host. Everything will go from face value to a natural feeling; Like slipping on a comfy sock. This is the learning phase of a singlet and learning about the basic symptoms of DID.
    In the beginning I met the host at the time on a social platform. She spoke up to me at the time telling me right away that she had DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). I was very unaware of it that I had to take a quick search and make connections. Of course I thought of it as a form of BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), which it was clearly not. Like in my last post talking about the alters I first encountered. I hadn’t quite made the connection of separating not just the Identity from the body, but the entire being. To take that in perspective not all alters are going to look like the body or even look match the age or ethnicity.
    Continuing the singlets journey down the series of understanding DID during the summer more alters were made prevalent at this time. Most I’d get along with and others that may have got a rise out of me freaking out. During my 6 month mark of knowing the body and the system I had become more aware and alert of the signs. Understanding more triggers, becoming a safer place for alters and just being overall useful for the alters that just want to release emotions. 

    The 12 month mark. At this point in time I and the host finally started dating on September 05. Event’s did go down which caused a lot of splitting to occur, since the system is a Polyfragmented system. Which means they are capable of splitting a lot due to trauma and stress no matter what degree. It also means that the system holds 100 or more alters. This was a big time getting to know alters of all the sorts. During this time everything felt way more natural, but understandably a lot of alters were very upset undergoing the situations that were going on as of then.

    Present day. I have now been deemed the term system partner by the host and the system. I have an astronomical amount of information that I have yet to hatch down. I’ve become a more prevalent figure inside the system and having alters know me before they come out is always interesting. There are above 3,000 members in the system and probably a half of the percentage know something about me. However, there are always going to be people who are against you. No to say It’s wrong of them to be. I understand that their past and ways of handling things are different. So of course It sets up from quite a bit of alters to be against you. Until you figure it out and do meet them. By this point I treat alters like they just shape shift when they come out. 

I’ve made close bonds with a lot of alters. I am now dating some as stated in a post that my lovely Girlfriend Trina made regarding “DID and Dating”. At one point alters were going to send me little postcards until the Corona hit. Now they just send me a postcard from the inner world letting me know how they’re doing on Discord. I’ve developed lots of relationships with alters in the system. 

I continue to talk to the system and be a safe place for alters. I am still learning about the complexities of the system even as of now. It’s been a long time and It’s almost been me and Trina’s one year of getting together. I love the Masquerade System as a whole; they have been nothing but good to me. I continue to aid the system and the host through rough times of communication. By the end I am going to go visit them and continue to make big efforts to help Trina and the Masquerade System heal from the wounds of the past. Not only that, but create a safer environment for them in the future.


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