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If you could have your eyes blinded, 
You could see more than a piece of meat,
 Arranged harmoniously on some of my bones.

  And you would have passed
 Beyond the appearance to my luminous soul,
That is hidden among the internal organs,
That keep me safe in front of the death. 

 You would have touched my hand in the dark,
 And you would have touched also my face, 
To paint an image in your mind
 Through your wonderful hands.

  You would have let yourself be guided
 By my voice to reach the angels,
Who sing inside me to save you,
 From the devils who have taken your breathing.

You would have already known,
 That the most important things are felt, not seen.
It is strange that we become really blinded
 When we cannot see beyond surface.


  • Aug 22, 2020

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