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I was patrolling late one afternoon when Tyler called me all in a panic! I said, "Tye I can't understand you, slow down and tell me again!" "There's an eagle, a young one and he has flown into the power line by the big tree. He's hanging there upside down." With the tone of his voice I had already turned around and hit the lights and was motivating right by the PD. Daddy Rafe was looking out the window when he saw me blow by. He called me and I told him I was headed home because Tye was on the phone hysterical! Daddy Rafe said, "I'll be right behind you!" "Tyler said, every time he flapped his wings sparks go flying." "Stay right away from there Tyler!" "I'm in the house." "OK you stay in the house even when I get there." "OK he said. How long before your home?" "Not long now buddy!" "I pulled into the drive way and pulled up near the tree. I jumped out left my lights on and went to the back and grabbed the gloves we had in case we came across live wires. I stuffed them down my jacket grabbed the teather and mask I bought on the fly home and I commenced to climb. I also had a piece of rope with me so I could tie off up there." "Hang on little guy I'm coming as fast as I can." He flapped and I got an electrical shower! Daddy Rafe pulled in and seeing my truck by that tree he looked up and up and up and well  damn up! "There she is oh brother this is not good! Well damn eagle!" And the eagle flapped again and sparks went everywhere! Daddy Rafe ran clear. I finally got up even with the Eagle and he wasn't even a little happy! I put the gloves on and tried to put the hood on him. Well that wasnt going to work. I tied myself off and left one hand glove less. I reached out and grabbed the wires and kept them separated and with my other hand I slid the hood over his face. Of course before I could tighten it he bit me in good shape! "Look you little brat I'm trying to help you! Work with me! I put the hood on again and this time I tightened it down." Step one done! Then I tethered his feet and tied the cord to my wrist just in case I couldn't catch him when I untangled him. I had taken the time to jump into my harness so I climbed a bit higher hooked on to the rope and repelled to where his feet were caught. He must have picket up some twine and that's how he got tangled. When I got to his feet I found out it was fishing line and twine. I took my right glove off and pulled out my knife I grabbed the eagle by his feet and he flapped his disapproval and I was feeling the sparks hit my face and hair. My hair was being singed around my face and it stunk! And burnt to boot! I said, CUT THAT OUT and gave him a little shake! He stopped! I started carefully cutting away his bindings. The fishing line had been there awhile because it was cut into his legs. That would have to be removed after. So bit by bit I was cutting this Eagle Free. He flapped his wings some more and I knew it was because I was hurting him. "I'm really sorry for hurting you but your almost free!" Sparks were flying right in my face I was trying to cover it best I could. So I was getting burns on the same hand that he bit. "This day was seriously starting to suck." I made the last cut and he was free! I still had him by the feet and I brought him up to me and pinned his wings to his body. I got back into the tree and was trying to come down one handed. I stopped and looped a rope around him and hooked the rope onto a grapple hook and hooked him to my belt in front of me. That made climbing easier but I have a long ways to go down. Quite a crowd had formed down below. My hand was bleeding terribly and it had burn blisters on it. But so did my face. I did see Uncle John down there. That was good! I kept climbing down and what seemed like an eternity later I felt someone grab me and lower me to the ground. He let go and my knees buckled and I started to go down when Daddy Dillon grabbed me again. He steadied me. He noticed the snow was turning red. He said, "Lonewolf what is bleeding." "I said, my hand. Why? This youngster bit the hell out of my hand. And I have blistered burns to my hand, face, and my hair is singed around my face and probably all over my head." I said, "Uncle John can you come in and take a look at this eagle? He has fishing line imbedded in his legs. And he should be checked for burns." "He said sure thing. He asked if I wanted him to take him now." "If we can get him unhooked from me in short order. I NEED a cup of coffee!" He unhooked pretty easy and Uncle John started to walk towards the house and stopped abruptly. I laughed and choked out, "he's tethered to my wrist also." So we got that off my wrist and I said, "cleared for take off!" Everyone laughed. Daddy Dillon picked me up and started for the house. I said, "my truck"...Dillon said, "I'll get it later"..."No Freeways in there and the blue lights are still on." Daddy Rafe said, "I'll get her and shut the lights off." Daddy Rafe drove my truck right up to the house the blue lights were off and he came in. I was sitting at the table and Dillon was looking at my hand. "WOW," he said, we may half to take you to the hospital. Freeway had just come in with Daddy Rafe. She asked, "WHY?!" "Her hand is really tore up and some of the burns are inside the cuts." "Have you given her pain meds yet Grampy Dillon?" "No little one I haven't."Well Gee Wiz that looks like it hurts like Hell! So do something please!" I burst out laughing and everyone was looking at me. I said, "daddy Dillon you've just been seriously TOLD!! Clayton can"...."Here you go sis!" "Thanks Clayton your the best." Daddy Dillon wrapped my hand and called Doc. He came back in and said, "Uncle Doc wants us to come in." "I told Daddy Dillon, not yet I'm not going anywhere! I'm having some Coffee!" "He told me that was fine." Uncle John came out and said, "hes a bit singed but no serious burns but I do have to do surgery on his legs. I said, "use my office. Everything is all sterile." "Sounds great. Then I also need a perch for him." I ran upstairs and got my catalog and handed it to John. He had a seat and started looking at perches. "Wow now I'd like to have one of these in my office!" "Is that the best one I asked?" "Yes by far!" I grabbed the book and ordered 4. "One for our offices and one for our houses.  There you are kind sir 2 for you and 2 for me." He gave me a backwards hug! "Thanks babe! You didn't have to"......"I know," I said! Tyler came to me and said, "I'm sorry Lonewolf." "Why Tye?" "It's my fault you got hurt." I said, "you didn't bite me did you?!" He laughed and answered, "no but"....."No buts Tyler. It's not your fault or his fault." "Yes it's his fault." "Not really," I said. "You see he was so scared he just lashed out in pain. He didn't bite me to be a jerk. He was one young scared, cold, probably hungry boy." "I see," said Tyler. "Don't ever think you shouldn't call me OK?" "Ok thanks sis! I love you!" "I love you to Tye!! Can someone look up eagles and how to feed them in captivity?" Clayton said, "sure I will." "Thank you. I've got some taming of him to do as well!" We all had our coffee then off to the hospital we all went. Doc took one look at my hand and told everyone to prep me for surgery. Let's go people, Now! And I was prepped for surgery and in the O.R . When Uncle Doc, Aunt Jean, daddy Dillon, Mamma Maddy, and Freeway came in. There was already nurses in there. So out I went and fixed my hand all up. They tended my burns on my hands, face, and scalp. Then wheeled me into recovery. About Three hours later I woke up. Still pretty groggy and very SOAR! I was given some more pain meds and antibiotics. I asked, "Uncle Doc can I go home today?" He answered yes but you will have nurses around the clock there. I'll come out tomorrow and check on your hands. Great let's go. Oh No not yet and I had drifted back to sleep. Doc said, "I'd be happy if we basically kept her out for at least 2 days possibly 3 days." Mom asked, "why?" "The burns that went into those cuts could really have lasting effects if she uses them to much." "Oh" mom said, "Good grief! That's not good." "We need to make sure no red streaks start up her arm. If that happens get her here immediately!" "Oh we will doc!! Thank you doc and all of you for helping our girl." "Gladly," Uncle Doc said!


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