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You turn your head after every girl
Who walks down the street,
Holding cold my hand.

You send a lot of messages to women
On the internet that you haven't met yet,
Saying with a calm voice:
"Honey, don't be jealous, is not what it seems." 

I feel worthless next to you,
You are the one who is always
Looking for something new...
I love you, but your selfish love
Brings me down my happiness.

You make me cry more
Often than you make me laugh.
You make me doubt,
Like a swirling sea,
My anger destroys my inner peace. 

I feel ugly when you look for beautiful girls,
I feel bad when I say that others are smart.
I release your hand to let you go.
  However, you are not paying attention
To what I am saying
When you see them around you.


  • Hrridayani Sav

    Hrridayani Sav

    wooo...nice poem i am a big fan of ur poem roxana

    Aug 21, 2020

  • Aug 21, 2020

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