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Category : Poems

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I'm touched with such emotion

Your pain has touched my soul

I feel each thing you've gone thru

But my story is untold

You can climb a million steps

But never reach the top

You could write a thousand lines

Seems like your pain refuses to stop

You don't have to see there name

At the end of every quest

For you love that name with ur whole heart

And that will never rest.

The sky will always be your limit

No matter how dark and grey it looks

See you can write magic in the darkness

And I will read every book..

I hope to bring you happiness

Whenever you feel down

I'm only here to let you see

Light within you I found.

Thru your Writings I have found

A piece of me that felt so lost

No longer feeling alone

Which I couldn't find at any cost

So fill your library with your books

The ones You think you'll never write

I'll be there to read each one

When I go to sleep at Night


  • Aug 21, 2020

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