Resembled Mirror To Heart Read Count : 20

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/Soul
The mirror is shattered once again
I guess it's just your little devil friends
I try to fix the peices lyin on the ground
My cute little smile is now a giant frow
I'm picking up the peices of the mirror that resembles my heart 
All you've done to this family is torn it apart 
Yea torn it apart 
I guess I could say 
That it was fate 
You did make me the person that I am
I'm not this  baby wussy little lamb
I know that the devils sit on your shoulder where the Angel's used to be
I guess that you are you and I am just
Every time you shatter the mirror my heart breaks too
But I guess that's just you 
Yea that's just you 
Yea that's just you
Your devils are now persuading my angles to exchange 
My soul my heart everything you've torn apart for my little face....


  • KayDance Smith

    KayDance Smith

    i hope you like ittt

    Aug 20, 2020

  • Aug 21, 2020

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