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The words they drip 
Like honey from your lips 
But your honey isnt sweet
And your words are like knives

I listen but dont see
I hear but dont care
For no matter what 
I cant hide from you

You hide in my head
Deep in my brain
When i look in a mirror
Thats when you rear your head

Your ugly voice degrades 
You ugly face melds with mine 
Your me but your not
Your a part i dont want to admit

I push you away pretend im okay 
But time and time again i lose
You push a front and in the mirror
You abuse me with your thoughts

I could ask for help 
But when i bring this up you laugh
You tell me they wont care
Your words then turn to honey

You say you care 
That you want whats best for us
But thats a lie
You like when i bleed

You laugh and call me weak when i give in
To your taunts and jeers 
You call me fat and ugly 
Your face in the shape of hate

But i take it all
Because its only when i look in a mirror
But the mirror never gose away
And i continue to break 


  • Aug 20, 2020

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