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I have heard a bit about the concept of system identity.  I don’t really think this is the correct term, but we are using it. 

A system identity, from my understanding, is putting a general identity over your system. Example: we are Trina, asexual, and female. 

Now I believe there to be a debate about what's the difference between your singlet persona and your system identity. 

I see my singlet persona as the body's name, age, and who we scripted us to be. The system identity is how we describe ourselves in a basic agreed way to feel more whole. 

Then, lastly, there's us as individuals who we feel we are separate from each other. I guess you could say, there's another form when blurred with each other, but that's a bit extreme for me. 

I feel as though, it is necessary to have a system identity. Even if its just a collective system name. It allows for everyone to fall under one umbrella. 

I like to think of us as a beehive or ant colony, but without a queen. We don't believe in an original or core alter. But we do have an ID book alter (someone who identifies with the body). I don’t count that as an original.  

We work like a beehive, because we all are individuals that have a role but we have to communicate with each other to efficiently live our life. 

Last year, we had decided to go by the name Auri-Elle. It was a good name that suit us. Being called Auri was gender neutral and everyone enjoyed it. It was for a moment our system identity. 

We even had decided to change the body's legal name to Auri when we had sufficient funding.

But, the name didn't last all too long due to a severely traumatic year. Our mother was in and out of rehab. Our father was kinda just going insane. Our brother was crumbling and suicidal. It was a rough year. 

What ruined the name for us was our ex. He had started calling us Auri after the break up. And throughout his months of terror after he assaulted us, he called us Auri. 

Other friends were highly attached to the name and the personality attached to the name. They grieved the name more than we did.

We were too busy trying to survive that year and the beginning of this one. We had changed our names multiple times, because hosts would change. 

I hope you enjoyed and learned something new. 

-Trina (The Masquerade System) 


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    Aug 20, 2020

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