Imagine EBoy//Colby Brock ⚠️ Trigger Warning ⚠️ (Part 3): Read Count : 24

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*After you calm Sam down.*

You and Sam go down stairs, you see Colby and kiss him. After you kiss him Sam walked up to Colby and said "I am not happy you said that to my sister,but I forgive you and please take care of my sister." Colby then says "I know and I will protect her." He looked away from Sam and he dose not really mean it but he dose really mean that he knows what he did was wrong.  

*You go home*

You get out of the shower when you heard your phone buzz. You look at who it was and it was Colby. He texted you "hey can you send some n**des, if you don't you will get it." You look at your self and text him "No." Colby gets mad and said " Send some now or you will not see Sam again."  You read the text and see what it said. You send him "n**des."  Colby starts to text you "to send him more and now." You tell him "to stop." The next thing you know is that you Colby holding a knife and he is walking behind Sam. You tell him "I will send you more n**des, just stop walking behind Sam with a knife in your hand."  

*Sends more n**des* 

*The next day*. You wake up and saw your "n**des" all over Colby's text message. You don't want to date him anymore but he will hurt Sam if you don't. Then you hear a knock on the door. You open it and see Ayrrianna at the door, you go up too her and hug her and tell her how much you missed her.  You get ready with a crop top, ripped jeans and boots on. Ari looks at you and asks "what are you wearing." You tell her that "You wanted to try something new ." Ari tells you "I have to go now but I love and miss you sister." You say" I  love you too sister." 

*You go to the Trap House *

You go up to Colby and kiss him. Sam looks so shocked that you are wearing an EGirl outfit. "Hey Y/N can I talk to you now please."  You tell Sam "sure."  Sam then says "Why are you wearing this, it is not you."  I wanted "too try something new, okay, now I have too go." Sam said "okay ." "Hey, Y/N can you come here please."  You look at Colby and say "sure."  Colby then asks for "n**des again."  You tell him "NO". He gets mad and takes off the clothes you are wearing and takes pictures of you naked. You start to cry and tell him "stop now."  He dose not listen and keeps taking pictures. He leaves and you get dressed and head to the kitchen. You look for a knife or maybe a rope outside. You find a knife and go back to the bathroom. You stab yourself in the belly and cut your wrist, and cut your cheek on  the face by accident. You tell yourself "he is using me as his s*x toy and an object too, he does not love me and he never will, if I die then Sam will still be alive but he will miss me, so maybe I can just cut my legs, arms, belly and still be alive, but I will lose a lot of blood but I don't care anymore."   You keep cutting and stabbing yourself. Sam is so worried about you that he kept "calling your name."  And that is when....  

*To be continued*


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    Ari Lopez


    Aug 20, 2020

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