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Red like a rose
It runs like a river
I cry as i watch it
I know i can stop it 

All i need to do is put it down
But i cant breath
I have no control elsewhere
I enjoy seeing the color

I know i need help 
Im well aware its sick
But i know its my only control
My only escape

Just one more i say to myself
But one turns to two
And two to three
Till im done and sitting there

I pick myself up and clean it up
I never let others see 
No mater the pain
I put on a smile

No one sees through the smile
Or the long clothes
Or mabey they do 
Mabey they dont care

Any way as it runs red ill sigh
Ill feel guilty and hide it
In fear of the names 
Of the looks

As my scars they grow
So dose my mental wary 
I hace so little hope 
But i keep on for as long as i can

Feeling guilty for my weakness
Feeling weak from my faliure
As i tell myself never again
But i know thats not true

Ive tried time and time 
To stop it to not snap 
But control i crave 
And for that control i cave

So it continues to run 
Like a red river
And i continue to smile
Never asking for help


  • Deep and soul digging

    Aug 20, 2020

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