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Roses are red 
violets are blue 
But roses wither
And violets die

The monsters in my brain cry
Then they laugh and play
One on my heart
The other on my mind

They feed on my happiness
They drink in my love
The give me anxiety 
The promote my sadness

These little monsters are always here
They never leave 
Sometimes they sleep 
Never for long though 

After their slumber 
They invade my thoughts
They make me close my eyes
They make me scream inside

I call them monsters
But truely all they are are my thoughts
Voices in my head you cant make go away
Though i try so hard to do so

I could just ask for help
Reach out to someone who cares
But they whisper ever on
Telling me not to, to just keep quite

And oh these voices these monsters 
I know they are wrong
But they are oh so charming
So convincing to keep me silent 

The monsters like this
They know i wont talk
Ill say im fine
When in truth im diying 

But i smile 
And smile
Never once a falture
Just a smile


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