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So many times I wonder why I'm here,
It seemingly is to shed that sinful tear.
I really try with all my might,
But I still can't seem to get it right.
Family is suppose to stand together,
And some say surely it is forever.
Please tell me what planet their on,
Knowing could bring a brand new dawn.
I do no see this happening soon,
Not even with the turn of the moon.
So with sadness I say,
This shows me the way,
The path I must take, 
Decisions I will make.
Far far away,
Maybe today.
I will go deep into the woods,
With a pack and some goods.
Into a different time,
Things might be fine.
I can hurt no other,
Especially my mother.
The tranquility I may find,
I certainly would not mind.
My destiny is to be alone,
To each and all so long.


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