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I'm writing this to document my discovery. I was hiking when I saw it, it was a massive creature flying in the sky, it looked like a dragon, but it seems like it didn't have a neck, and it's head was shaped like a light bulb, it also had a round stomach to match, but most dragons are depicted as have fat stomachs. It's wings matched perfectly with the wings of a dragon, and it's dragon tail reinforced the connection. I would think I've gone insane; however it watched it fly around for half an hour, and it didn't disappear, I lost sight of it when it flew to fast for me. I first noticed it when I looked at the dirt, and saw it's massive shadow. This was only my first sighting.

When I went home I drew what I saw on a piece of paper, I then took a picture of this drawing, and posted it on Reddit. It didn't get that much attention, and those who saw it thought I was trolling them. Some thought I ripped it off of HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu, it may have influenced my sighting; however I can't be certain that it did. I planned on going back to get a picture of it. I could have got a picture of it, or maybe recorded it with my cellphone; however the view of it was so foreign I hadn't thought about making a video out of it. I wasn't able to see what color it was, it was just a dark creature which flew so high I felt like I was going to fall over when looking at it.

I couldn't go back on the trail until Saturday, my only day off a week. Everyday while look out the hallway I looked out the window several times, I saw it again several times, but I think that most of the times it was just a hallucination, but I can't be sure. I tried to record it several times, but it would disappear each time, I believe this proves I was seeing things, but the first time I saw it was real. On Wednesday I didn't see it fly into view, but it did fly out, I may have been hallucinating it, or maybe it was really their that day, and no one noticed it. Although it was very big, it flied high, I think it was flying lower then normal when I saw it, or their would be more sightings. I did some research, and founded a few stories, I've rewritten them below.

Jeffrey Woods, 20, claimed to have seen it while hiking, what he described looked very similar to what I saw, but he claimed the head was bigger, and rounder, it was more like an oval then a light blub. 

Amy Gates, 24, claimed to have seen it while sunbathing on top of the apartment complex she lived at. She described the exact same thing I did. This proves that it will vist the cities. 

Their were more sightings, but they were all extremely similar. I looked up who Jeffrey Woods is, and it turns out he's trying to get funding on Kickstart to find this creature. I couldn't find any information on Amy Gates, it's like she disappeared from the history books. I didn't look up anyone else because trying to find those two on Google took up what was left of my day. 

On Friday I saw a story on the news, a farmer in Texas had all his cows stolen. They were in a fenced-in field, I believe the creature ate them. I believe this because some of the missing cows were inside a barn, which was destroyed, the news showed the barn which seemed to be crashed under the creature's weight. The only problem with my theory is that I'm in Michigan, two things could explain this, ethier the creature flew all the way to Texas to eat his cows, or their are multiple creatures. I believe it's the first answer because the creature seems big enough to travel these distances in a short period of time, and if their is multiple creatures, then their should be more sightings. 

I have a theory that looks for livestock during the day, then at night they go back to these sites to feed. If the creature is able to fly all over the world then it's possible it has two feeding times, and will eat farms like meals, it'll probably have to eat many meals during each feeding time to keep up this energy. I looked on Google for more cases like this one, but it seems this is a stand alone case, since it's a stand alone case I have no proof it can go all over the world. 

On Saturday I went back to the trail to try to get it on camera. I walked up the trail like last time, around the same time; however I didn't see the creature. This annoyed me as I walked up the trail, I looked up at the sky the whole time, almost tripping multiple times. When I reached the peak of the hill I didn't see it. I was frustrated, something inside me told me that if I reenacted what happened Saturday, I would see it again. Something is telling me that if I find it, and document it, something special would happen, something that would both change my life, and society, this just added to my annoyance. Somewhere deep down I wanted to prove that it was real, and that it wasn't paranormal. I'm an atheist, it's the one thing I rarely doubt, because science is on my side; however something about this thing seems god like, and it makes me doubt my atheism, if I could prove this thing was normal, and was holy, or unholy, then I would stop doubting my atheism, maybe I would even stop doubting myself.

I stayed up their for a long time, frustrated that it didn't show up, I probably waited for an hour. I then walked back down. When I made it half way down, I saw the shadow. I looked up, and saw the creature. I immediately took out my phone, and went to get a picture. I did get the picture, but the creature was blurry, and I can barely point out where it is, and I'm the one who took the picture. The creature did seem to notice this, it didn't notice me, or if it did it simply didn't care. Although I'm an atheist, it's like a higher power is stopped me from getting this on camera. I tried to record it; however it kept going out of frame, and it had the same problems the picture had. 

I posted the video on YouTube, but it got little attention, and the people who saw it claimed it's fake. So claimed it was just a kite, or plane out of focus, others claimed it was edited in, but most people just dismissed it. This annoyed me, people were willing to believe in ridiculous creatures because of rumors, and popular videos, but when I find something that is real everyone thinks it's fake. This fuels my believe that the creature has god like powers, and is making the video unpopular, and making everyone deny it.

Every Saturday I went out their to try to find it, and I saw it nearly every time; however no matter how many pictures I took barely anyone noticed. I started keeping track of where I spotted it, what time, and most importantly which direction it was going. What I noticed is that it seems their is a starting point, so I know it has to land, and in the earlier part of the day it flys away from the start point, and just as I expected in the later part of the day, it returned. These time periods were in the mid-day, and their was around two hours between them each day. I started following it to this point; however I could never travel far enough on foot, but I did go far enough to see it fly lower, it flew noticeably lower when it got closer to the point. Once I got far enough to see how tall it was. I now knew it was a blueish green, and it looks like an elegant without a trunk, and dragon wings, and a dragon tail. I could see the wings flap, they had to go high up, and low down to make the creature fly. At the time I considered naming it Elephant Dragon, or something similar, I've now decided against it, I don't think this thing deserves a name, because a name would give people a false description.

Each Saturday I followed it for a little longer, this actually did help with my physical health; however their were three problems. One, I could only do this on Saturday, meaning I often forgot where I stopped. Two I couldn't start where I stopped because I couldn't be certain it would take the path. Lastly, although it usually returned to the starting point around a certain time, I couldn't be late, or I would make no progress for the week, so I had to be an early. Since I need to keep making progress all week, I tried to map the slope; however I not only know now, I also knew at the time that this was an impossible task. To make sure it was following a pattern I marked a landmark when I saw it lower; however the next week it didn't lower around the same spot. Even though I knew it was a waste of time I tried to map the slope, the possibility of just knowing the location without having to chase this thing was too appealing. I nearly went mad trying to map the slope, it was more stressful then the creature at the time, but now I've changed my tune, I kinda wish I had stayed on that impossible task, so I wouldn't have to deal with the horrors.

Around this time I started sharing my pictures, and videos with my co-workers. While they didn't think I faked it, they only half heartily believed it. They didn't believe I edited it; however they also didn't believe that the creature was real, no matter how good the quality of the picture was. They thought it was something other then a creature, 'maybe it was just a cloud', they would suggest, 'or a big balloon'. It was both a punch to the gut, and refreshing because atleast they half heartily believed me instead of claiming I was a lier. So co-workers suggested I stop this; however I was to determine to document it to listen, I wish I listened. For a while I blamed them for not trying hard enough, and if they just pushed a little more I would be spared the horrors, but now I realize I have no one to blame, and I wasn't owed they're salvation, but it took a while to realize this. I progressively blamed them more, and more, until I stopped, and no longer blame them. I haven't been getting a lot of sleep recently, that's why I blamed them more, and got angrier over time.

Eventually I started where I ended last Saturday, this saved alot of time. I watched it dive into a lake, it created an eruption of water. I had to take a couple steps back so I didn't get wet. I knew that this was probably the starting point; however I didn't see it come out of the water, so I couldn't record it. I waited half an hour before leaving. On Wednesday I bought a security camera, and the next Saturday I went over to the spot before the time the creature usually came out, and planted the camera to film the spot for a day. On Sunday I brought it back after work.

I then imported it into my laptop, so I could watch it on a big screen instead of on my phone. I wish I didn't watch the footage, because after that their was no going back. I could have stopped trying to see it, I could have stopped chasing it, I could have stopped after finding the spot, but now I couldn't. I found out it lives in a cave which was almost off screen, after waking up it goes into the lake, I can't determine if it just likes to swim, or if it's taking a bath, it always goes under the water, but sometimes it'll pop up, the go back down, after going into the lake for around an hour it flew away. While watching that I didn't fast forward, although it was late, and I was tired, I couldn't turn it off to go to bed, it was hypnotic. Nothing happened for around three hours, I fast forward a little bit, but I didn't want to miss anything. After the three hours of nothing it flew into the water; however in the morning it jumped in from the ground floor, this time, like last time, it seemed to fall from the sky. 

It was getting to late, I stopped watching, and posted the raw footage to YouTube. It would be impossible to claim it's fake this time, because the footage is several hours long, and theirs so little activity that people would have to admit it's real. After posting it I went to sleep.

In the morning I saw that the video was actually doing well, and was growing at a good rate. Someone had commented all the time periods when the creature appeared on camera, which really help me. I wrote those numbers down on a piece of paper, then left for work. At work one of my co-workers, Andrew, walked up to me. "I saw your new video." He said. "Are you planning on going to place to check on it?" "Yeah." I said. "Can I come?" He asked. While I recessed, he did convince me, and we carpooled over their. He didn't go into the cave; however I did ask for his view on it while writing this.

"It seemed so cool, and I just wanted to see it, but I was terrified to see it too." He said.

We both went back to my place after work to watch the video. It was just in frame while in the cave. I zoomed in to get a good look at it. It's eyes were small like elephant eyes; however they were on the front of the head instead of the sides. It looked like a blueish green elephant, without the trunk. Their was something on it's face, at the time I thought it was hair, it was black, and took up most the face, it covered everything below the eyes, except the mouth. It's mouth was were our chins are, no did I notice it on the video, I would later see it in action. "The creature was horrifying." Andrew said in the interview. "It looked unreal, it's like when you go to the zoo, and some of the animals look robotic in a way, but you know it's a living thing."

On Saturday they carpooled over to the spot. "I wanted to go to the cave, and see it." Andrew said. "Until I got to the spot, and I got cold feet." Me, and Andrew had a little fight, then we decided he'll be the get away driver if something goes wrong. I walked a little ways away from the car before making it to the spot. I was going to use my cellphone's flashlight; however that ment I couldn't record my findings. I aimed the flashlight at the walls ahead of me so I wouldn't accidentally wake it up, I had to hope it was already asleep, and didn't spend time in the cave unless sleeping. 

After a short walk in the cave I saw the creature, the roof of the cave was far from it's head. It had enough room to walk, but not enough to turn. It was in an underground lake, the water was sallow, and barely noticeable. I believe it only rested in the water to keep its legs moist. The hairs aimed at me, then I heard what sounded like a suction cup being pulled from a wall. I noticed a large thick string of the hair move, it was a tentacle. Their was another creature on the other creatures face, this creature was a mixture of an octopus, and a starfish, with thousands of little sensors on it's body, which I mistake for black hair. The larger creature eyes opened, the smaller on had slapped it's face to wake it up.

Their was a monster like scream, it killed my hearing, shaking me without touching me. The scream itself disorganized me. Then went it stopped the second monster feel to the floor, it looked like a black hybrid between a squid, and starfish. I then noticed the other creature had a hole were the nose should be, not two, just one, and it was bleeding. I believe this is how the big creature keeps the little creature alive. I turned around, and ran. As I ran I felt water hit me like a heavy stream from the sink, it hit me twice, nearly knocking me over the first time. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, as soon as I got out of the cave I heard ringing. I then hid behind a tree as that thing trying to notice me, luckily the big monster didn't exit the cave. I then heard the roar again, although I couldn't hear anything except the ringing, I could still hear its roar. This is why I believe it's a god, or devil. As soon as that thing went back, I ran away.

"When you returned to the car, you were acting manic, you looked like you've been to hell, and back." Andrew said in the interview. As he drove me back home, a shadow covered the window, it was like a pattern, I then realized that the creature was circling our car from above, like a voucher. It did this until we got to my place, then it flew away. I looked if their was any other sightings, and yes, 6 other people say it. 

I looked at my laptop to see how the video was doing, and it completely stopped growing, it had been growing well, until I got home. This reinforced my idea this is a demon. "I looked at the back of your head, and saw two blood stains." The creature had sprayed me with it's own blood. It seemed to be aiming for something, like eyes, it perfectly aligned with where my eyes are on the front of my head. It seemed like a planned attack, like they've done it before. I believe their are human like creatures with eyes in the back of their head, which are at war with the creature. 

Every night I hear it's roar, I keep seeing it in the sky, and sometimes I see the other creature hugging to the wall, just in the corner of my eye. I know the second monster isn't on the walls when I see it, but I don't know whether, or not the monster is following me. I'm no longer an atheist, but I don't know who to believe in, I'm looking for any religion that mentions the creature; whether it's a god, or a demon. If it's a god, I'll sacrifice Jeffrey, and Andrew, but until I know what religion to obey, I'll keep them alive. I sent Jeffrey a Google map of the spot, telling him the creature is their, if he finds it, maybe it'll distract it. I gave him my life savings so he could drive here, I didn't expect I'd need it. Then a miracle happened, I fell asleep without hearing the roar. I had been staying up for a week, but I finally got some sleep. I had a dream, I saw the human like creature; however it just stud their, twirling. After I had gotten some sleep I stopped blaming my co-workers, and took responsibility. In the morning I started writing this, for two days I didn't get any sleep; however last night their was a thunder storm, which muffled the roar. I don't know how much longer I can survive.


  • Aug 28, 2020

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