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Animals learn from their own blunders as an advantage over foolish human beings who justify stupidity. A wise man however learns from the mistakes of others & avoids the trauma of making the same wrong choices with the expectation of a miracle. ⛱ #YouAreEnough 

There is nothing more powerful than a humble person with a warrior spirit driven by a higher purpose. ⛱ 

You’re valued based on what you own. By this I don’t even mean pedestrian tangibles which anyone can steal to procure but values that can’t be bought or stolen like certain skill set, reputation, goodwill, character, passion, attitude & most importantly the noise in your head.⛱ 

People who made it their life purpose to find the fault of others just to comfort their perpetual state of low self esteem are doing the poor trees providing oxygen to humanity a grave injustice. People of purpose are working under Grace. God perfects their weakness. ⛱ 

"  Time is very slow for those who wait, 
Very fast for those who are scared, 
very long for those who lament, 
very short for those who celebrate 
but for those who love, time is eternal"
The reptilian family conducts their businesses on their bellies and never can we at any given time tell which one has a running stomach. Everyone out there is dealing with an issue you know nothing about. It costs nothing to be kind in our interactions. Happy engagement. ⛱ 

It is about accepting Responsibility and making yourself Available in order for God Almighty to channel resources towards your Vision for the collective. This is the priciple behind ProVISION. Nothing gets given towards zero vision. This is why we’re not struggling at 

I’m an advocate for the manifestation of people in purpose. Know thyself. Enlightenment is the ego’s ultimate disappointment. Raise your awareness and share your uniqueness with the world. ⛱ #YouAreEnough

It is human for you to prioritize people & for them to assume with entitlement that you are always free. Very few understand that making yourself available for people you hardly know or haven’t met is a huge sacrifice money can’t buy. Your time is all you have. #ThinkAboutThis 🤔 


  • Aug 18, 2020

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