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On motorcycle at the park. In the park is activities booth all throughout the park..
Parked the motorcycle outside the brick wall with names on it at the corner.

My sister and my baby girl stayed with motorcycle. I went to a car across the street in city parking lot. 

Got to my work at local pizza shop in back room was my boss and another co worker.
Sitting on solid brass bench along wall. Ovens are in middle. Board of orders is blackboard hung on the wall.

I walk in look at my key card. Ask my boss what on schedule today? He replies; "at moment not much business this morning."

Other co worker Ralph; "So what new?"
I reply; "my sister watching my baby at the park with motorcycle." Ralph says; "that good be fun for your sister and your daughter."

I walked into dinner pizza buffet is. Windows all around. Tables and chairs all gone. "Cleaning crew must forgot replace tables and chairs, again." I said in doorway. 

The boss said; "that weird they were there earlier." He gets up walks into pizza diner.
With strange look on his face. Looks out window there wolves walking in single line like army line. Outside the building.

Me and Ralph at same time says; "what the hell!" As well see these wolves pacing back and forth. 

First thing I think of "omg my sister an my baby!" Say outloud; "I need get to park." "Check on my sister an Cloe." 

My boss says; "here, key to car." Ralph says;  "be careful, bring them back here." I pick up the key, I missed dropping to floor. 

I carefully look out back door to kitchen see no wolves. Think to myself; "get to car, go get my sister an Cloe." So slowly creep to the car. Brown ford old jolopy. Put the key in slowly open car door. I can see wolves still in army format pacing back an forth.

There about 50 wolves one side, in front of window. 50 wolves opposite direction pacing back an forth as well.

Park about 6 blocks away from pizza shop.
I get in shut door quietly. Not sure if wolves will come after me. Scared out my mind. I start the car pull out slowly to other exit on other side of kitchen wall.

Go down few blocks. More wolves pacing back an forth in surrounding blocks of town. I manage get to the city parking across from the park. Sit there for minute. See that all metal in town as I look around is gone. Vanished poof! No more!
No street lights. Park is empty. I see my sister an my baby Cloe. My bike still there.

I get out walk across to where they are. My sister an Baby Cloe are doing fine. No wolves around. Told my sister what going on. She says; "I saw them just went by but did nothing but walk in strange formation." She continues; "Cloe been sleeping, I just been reading sitting here." 
I took a breath of relief. I told her; "well, you n Cloe need come back with me." I continue; "I need finish my shift."

My sister says; "Think we safer here." "No wolves around, not sure why that is." I said; "I'm not sure what going on, but really think need come back with me." 
She convinced me they be ok. I kissed Cloe on her forehead as she slept away. 

I got back to car. Waved an smiled at my sister. Got back into car an drove back towards the pizza shop. As I was about to  pull in. Wolves come lunging racing towards the car. I pulled in. Turned car off. Pull key out. Held my breath for second. Open car door. Sprinted to back kitchen door. Slammed it shut. Wolves slammed into the door. Hearing howls. Pulled down shutter doors an shutter window shades. 

Ralph an My boss. Horrific face expressions. As look at each other, then at me. I'm breathing hard. Feel like I'm throw up. Us 3 are silent. Sit on bench along wall.

About 10 mins howling an growling continue outside. I say, "See the Russians were right." Ralph says; "guess what we get for listening to Russians." With a chuckle. My boss says; "this no time to joke, what the hell are these wolves about anyhow." My boss continues; "how did Russians know of these wolves?" "Maybe Russians sent the wolves to attack us."

I walk over to black board. Look at the schedule. I look at my boss as he freaking out rambling all these theories. Relook at schedule my name not on it. I trying not think of my sister an Cloe. How I need rush back get them. 

I asked my boss; "what you canning me?, why am I not on the schedule?" Him an Ralph look at me like, really worried about working in this." My boss said; "no thought u needed time off." I grab the key to car again. Said; "see should always listen to Russians." Pulled open the door. Ran to car as wolves are back to pacing in military pacing. "Strange" thinking  to myself.

Get to city parking across from the park.
I'm in shock, tears down my face as what I see. Female cop talking to my sister. My motorcycle an my baby Cloe no where to be seen. I run up yelling;  "where's my baby!" As female cop handing my sister a ticket. I repeat my self but in a calmer voice; "where is my baby?" My sister starts says something. "Did you know get ticket being in the park to long?" As Female cop who is pudgy lady in blue writes on a card. Hands to me.

I wook up.


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