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Flat Round disc of metal covers over lands,
Faint green beams of 6 released unto these lands,
Sticks of a pentagram design frame are patterned out with green beams.

Thin string like hangs from this pentagram pattern stick frame.
At the end of the thin string like hanging are voodoo dolls.
Voodoo dolls are dangling by top of a  wooded  crosses in 6 spots in the green beams.

Underneath this flat round disc with hanging voodoo dolls on the lands.
Mascure of bodies.

As rain is dripping down like acid on to their flesh. Melting away the skin as it drops on them. Bones falling to ground like sticks broken from trees.

6 who were chosen were frozen in the middle wide beam. Like statuses of ice.

Acid turning blood into one big acid crater below this flat round disc. On top of the this round flat disc; a cannon like laser pops up ...scanner like rotation on to the melting flesh of once known humans. 

Eraser of non existing has ever been accused. Mascure vanished as fast it appeared. Only sight of this flat metal disc was crop pentagram. Each section of lands divided as to shape of each part of pentagram. Cracked ground split by the laser. No sign of any humans ever lived on these lands. 

6 people frozen statue figures in middle of beam. In middle of disc between the string of voodoo dolls, attached to cross dangling from strings. 

3 females and 3 males, was not clear who they were. 

I wook up.


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