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You had been destroyed in need of something to collide with the divide you hid inside

I saw you destroyed lost in the darkened void so I brought you,The kiss of light.
In spite of the demons that bared teeth as they hid back inside.

when you started to trust, you showed me your ocean of sins and I excepted the drown as if it were a swim.

I was willing to relinquish my happiness for yours.and I showed no fear as your demons became my own,as i allowed them in I watched as the forest of depression in your eyes started to lift back to life. 

Even if I was to start dying from the blazing,overtaking void I'd promise to withhold you here close in my light as I cage your demons deep inside among my own

For your fight is no longer yours to bare alone, it is now mine to fight alongside you as if it were no other than my own.


  • Aug 18, 2020

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    Aug 18, 2020

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