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Loving you was my mistake and I knew it when It was me you started to break but no one could see through to My glamour it was covering the truth that you were caging me 

I wanted to run but you wanted to tame me not knowing that no one can tame a killer and no one can change a villian

And I was both because you made me a monster that you can't reverse, so you sit upon your throne of stone watching as I peer through your walls that glow 

See With you, all I did was hide my emotions because all they were was the thrill of your false devotion 

Causing me to feel as if I was nothing, you dragged me down and held me under but expecting me to never get up was your worst mistake ever 

You kept me in fear for so many years but now it's over 

Now I let the dark guide, because all you ever did is lie and kicked and killed what's left of me like a bad homicide 

And now all I want to see is you die but not fatally just mentally and emotionally I want you to drown in the tears you caused me to shed and feel the pain you put me through 

I want to hear your whispers of mercy, I for years beg to you, feel the build up of hatred I felt run through your veins like it was fire and your blood was the gasoline 

With nowhere to go because there's nothing you can do 

Just for a second even if it's not that long I just want you to feel the blade crash into your chest the same blade you held into mine with that sick grin on your face 

You think you're safe, you believe you're 
Fine, and yet you still hide, but why?

I know why, it's because you can feel the breath of death breathing down your neck isn't it? Its okay he's not there for you hes just there to let you know I'm here

So, Now that the tables are turned, and its me you can no longer burn, tell me, How's it feel when all you do is sit and wait drowning in your own fear?  


  • Aug 17, 2020

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