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Loneliness is the only one that shows when everyone leaves.

Once solitude is in your room only you and your thoughts are there, grab a paper and pen,start writing.

Always think positive and if sadness hits drink up it clears the mind and it can help you.

Emotions aren't bad, they make us feel alive and in this robotic world, routine is considered a norm, sometimes a little chaos is needed to make us feel human.

When our thoughts are driving us insane and we want to escape, write; you can become anything.

Lets reflect and realize that it's okay to have regrets, mistakes are not uncommon.

Think before you speak havok can be kind however words can never be forgotten. 

Never look pass someone in need, today you have a throneor a place you call home but tomorrow you'll never know.

Loneliness does not mean you have no one, people sometimes are just there.

To be alone doesn't mean you're alone.

These are my thoughts of today.


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    Aug 25, 2020

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