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I made my decision
Rid the illusion
Clear my vision
Old loves crumbling down with division
I made my decision

It’s time
To clear my mind
Throw a dime
Into a water fountain that people like me spend their time
It’s time

I chose to dance again
Even if I was scared of what happened
Happening again
I unlocked my old house of love and walked in
I chose to dancing again

I think this one might stay
But I’ve only known him a few days
I’m choosing to not rush anything these days
He like me knows darkness without any sun rays
I think him and I will have laughing days

I think I’m dancing again
I lit an old candle after I walked in
My old cottage of love again
He’s close with God and doesn’t like sin
I think he might be my win

I think we’re good for eachother
We’re getting to know eachother
Maybe we’ll get together
And get eachother
Dancing again


  • Aug 16, 2020

  • Aug 17, 2020

  • Aug 26, 2020

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