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I was mentally prepared for his retirement honestly. But, when I checked out his instagram account to see the official retirement post, I wasn't expecting that emotional video and it bring out all the memories from my childhood.Cricket made my childhood beautiful.Nowadays,there are lots of things in which kids engaged and the passion with which we play cricket or watch cricket. It's degrading day by day.I don't want to write this time. It's very personal thing. Many my friend post on instagram and whatsapp status about dhoni but I don't post anything. Nowadays I hates to discuss about cricket. Everyone try to proof their point by the stats (they found on internet). I generally talk from the heart, what I see while watching and what I felt. It's so good that I can grieve here and nobody will care. I have seen him from very early. 
I started watching cricket in 2004.I was in U. K. G. Dhoni came to bat(I never heard his name before from my elder brothers) , I didn't call his name properly but I call my sister that koi naya larka aaya hai Dooni,  bhut maar rha hai .She came and read the name properly. He scored 148.And we got our favorite batsman and a reason to follow cricket.We used to cut  his picture from paper and framed it in a diary . I haven't wached any game after 2019 world .I don't follow ipl but first time I want to see for him. Maahi is love .Coming from small town and middle class family, it's so good to see his success that if you worked hard, you can succeed anything in life and the world will praise you. 


  • 💙 was speechless wen heard the news of his retirement. "Main pal do pal ka shayar hu...", he took retirement, just to pave way for the youngsters. He is my favorite cricketer and favorite as a person. The MSD era started with a run out(2004 v/s Bangladesh) and ended with a run-out(2019 v/s NZ). He is the world's best Captain and Wicket Keeper. Every cricket lover will miss him. "Anhoni ko honi kar de, honi ko anhoni. Naam hai uska Mahendra BAAHUBALI Dhoni" and "Mahi maar raha hai", these lines will seriously be missed.🙁

    Aug 17, 2020

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