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When I was born I was given up for adoption. I stayed in foster care for three months then my new family took me home. My father was a wonderful man. He was kind, patient, and loving. My adoptive mother was a very cruel woman. I of course don't remember when I was real young. I can only go by what other relatives say. My mother would call my Aunt and tell her we were to much for her to handle. My adopted brother and I. He is two years older than I am. And he was just as cruel as my mother if not more so. When I was four years old I was kidnapped off the front lawn. I was taken into the woods stripped, tied to a tree and my clothes were set on fire. This is really my first memory because it changed my life. I was tortured and molested before the guy ran off. There's a point I  don't remember what happen, even after I was hypnotized I couldn't remember what else he did to me. I've  I somehow got untied and went to the side of the dirt road. I heard a motorcycle but didn't recognize the person so I hid. Then another motorcycle came and it was my father, I ran out and he wrapped me in his coat and hugged me up then he took me home. One of my Aunts was at the house and my mother and her put me right in the bathtub. My mother said it was all my fault. Four years old but it was my fault. The following day she sent me away for two weeks with my Aunt to go to another Aunts house in the same town. My father took me to the police station and I had to identify the guy that kidnapped me. He set me on 5he table by the cell and the guy whispered, "If you tell I'll kill you!" I said, That's the guy, that's the guy he took me daddy!" My father grabbed me off that table and we left. My Aunt was very good to me. She told me its not my fault. I told her it was my fault mom said it is. Well she said my mother was wrong because it wasn't my fault! It was a good two weeks other than the nightmares. When I went home my mother again told me it was my fault and I told her no it wasn't. She grabbed me by the hair and shook me violently then she dragged me by the hair to my bedroom. As I got a bit older she started hitting me. This kind of behavior lasted until the summer before my senior year. Then there was my brother, he would beat me something fierce. He picked me up by the throat and as the darkness was closing in I kneed him between his legs. I dropped him and he dropped me. My mother was standing right there telling him to let go. I jumped over him and ran to my bedroom, I opened my window, took the screen off and sat in the window. I heard him coming down the hall and saw my doorknob moving but I had locked it. He was screaming at me telling me he was going to kill me and then he broke my door in. I jumped from a second story window and I ran. That became my salvation...jumping out that window. I made the mistake of trying to get down the stairs and he pushed me down the stairs. I hit the landing hard. I tried to get out the front door but he grabbed me and threw me down the second set of stairs. But this time I was able to get ahold of the doorknob and open the door and get out of the house and run.  Before he threw me down the stairs he beat my head off the wooden arm of a couch over and over. When I managed to get away from the couch he tried to throw me out the window. This behavior happened all the time. As well as other terrible things. The only time I was safe was when my father was home. He worked long hours had many meetings as bank President. So there was plenty of time for my mother and brother to terrorize me. I would still tell my mother I love you. She either wouldn't say anything or say ya. All I ever wanted was unconditional love from my mother. But apparently I don't understand what it is. Or I don't deserve it..... I thought it was they accepted you for who you are, no matter what you do, no matter what you say....but maybe I'm wrong..... 


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