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We live in a small town.
 Many times, we cross our eyes on the street.
 You are my crash now and all I want: 

To taste your lips
 Because they taste like honey. 
 I want to caress your hair
 As the spring wind blows it. 

 We know each other as small children, 
But we don't have the courage to talk.
 Every time I get closer, 
You get scared and leave.

  All I want is to hug you tightly,
 To reach heaven through my heartbeat.  
I want to dance with you under the moonlight
 And let the stars revolve around us. 

 I want to feel the sweet taste of your love, 
I want to feel you there - next to my breath.
I want to taste your lips
 Because they taste like heaven for me.


  • Aug 15, 2020

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