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If I could count all the time my minds made up. Leads me to no where but one simple thought. I love you means nothing when you're so easily forgot. Shame and guilt tear you apart. This life isn't easy, where do I start. All the times I got let down wasn't what broke me, it's the people who said it that couldn't approach me. All the times I felt loved without an emotion is life worth living, or drown in the ocean. without me in your life the times are great , I dont know why I cause so much pain. Maybe with time I'll see. I shoulda just let you love me. instead set in my ways, dont want you to know me, im praying for better days.


  • Kamal Kishore Sharma

    Kamal Kishore Sharma

    It seems that you wrote a memoir in paragraph but it is not a poem piece or stanza. But you portrayed your love feelings and emotions - agony. https://www.facebook.com/779241832415410/posts/1217565138583075/

    Aug 15, 2020

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