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Hello my name is Evan. I am the partner of the Masquerade System. I didn’t know a damn thing about DID/OSDD until I met my partner Trina who is the current host . Who at the time was going by the body's name, well In a complicated DID way was a different person.  I was in a very dark place during that time period of 2019. Ever since I met the many hosts and alters of the Masquerade System I couldn’t be any more happy. I’ve definitely learned a lot about how my partner's system works, but yet with all the knowledge you get. Things still continue to surprise and confuse you.

    I’ve known about the system for more than a year now. I believe my first experience of meeting an alter was back in late January or early February. Their name was Odolette, a 16 year old alter who was having fun making portraits of other members of the system. While I was in the car watching the snow take over the environment around me. She was as sweet as can be and was very friendly. It didn’t throw me off much to know that I was talking to someone completely different even if they are in the same body. Later on down the road I learned Odolette doesn't mess around. She'll put up a fight, but those are from others' experiences.

    The second alter I believe I met was Maeve. When we first met she was very sweet and had a motherly vibe to her, but motherly in the sense of a single adult woman who had been through more than enough. She was very open spirited and enjoyed poking at me with “oooo you like her (insert wacky tongue face)”. At the time I had a big crush on the host. I didn’t get to talk to  Maeve for very long and I never got to after that night. She did go through a lot and it eventually led to her going dormant and having multiple alters splitting off of her. However, she did end up combing with the host and another alter. To make a new host. 
    The third alter I met was Lia. She was a mermaid alter who came out and talked to me about all the questions I had about how the system worked. She was very sweet and very intelligent. She felt pretty weird about having human legs and the body's traits, but it didn’t really bother her enough to make her feel uncomfortable. Much of what we talked about is fuzzy, but I do remember learning a lot from her that night. She was the first nonhuman alter I spoke with. 

    Those were at least the three earliest experiences that I can remember while being friends with the system. It was and still is a wild ride and I’d be happy to continue to share my experiences as a singlet. I enjoy and love the system very much and continue to take in new information daily. I am here for them as much as they are here for me.



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