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Long did I spend out of the lunchroom alone.
No friends to sit by my side to make me feel home.
I looked up into the ceiling above, dreaming.
Not a single sound to carry me throughout.
The hour as silent as the halls, watching.
Waiting for the clock to strike the bells, return.
Already prepared to return to the next classes.
So I could find myself in bus, heading back home.


  • Aug 14, 2020

  • Aug 15, 2020

  • Aug 15, 2020

  • Kamal Kishore Sharma

    Kamal Kishore Sharma

    Sir, Good feeling of solitude. A writer may be penurious or scampy further he may be sober due to circumstances but fellow writers award him 5 stars where they don't dare to comment. https://www.facebook.com/779241832415410/posts/1217565138583075/

    Aug 15, 2020

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