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Tw: covid-19, pandemic. If these topics are sensitive or triggering to you, please don't read. 

I got sick back in February of this year. Once in the beginning and once at the end. I was on the floor sweating insane amounts and breaking a fever. I was coughing and hacking up shit. It was awful. I was sick for a week both times. 

Then, March and April hit. The Global Pandemic began. Covid-19 hit the US and the entire world. Countries closed off and cities were isolated. Everyone was ordered to stay inside. 

Horrifically, my dad was diagnosed with cancer, right before stage 1 had hit. We were lucky. He did go through chemo and is doing really good currently.

That's not what I wanted to talk about though. 

I don't know if this is privilege, entitlement, ignorance, or just a plain conservative thing. But, they just don't care about the virus anymore. They say everyone is over reacting and it should be over. 

They are as bad as the weirdos who protest masks. There is no point. We are wearing masks to protect ourselves and the others around us. No, we cannot logically stop everyone from catching it. We can with great effort stop it from spreading faster. 

The apathy surrounding this is disgusting. Its in my own household. I hate it. I hate the ignorance and entitlement. 

I felt sick today and my brother accused me of faking. I don't understand this nonsense. He just didn't want to do everything so he pinned it on me. 

I swear some men can't take anything. They're crap with pain. They can't take responsibility. They can't even just take a simple, "you hurt my feelings". Its ridiculous. 

Raise your kids better. 

Sorry about my rant, but I had to just let it go. Thank you for reading. 

-Trina (The Masquerade System) 


  • Aug 14, 2020

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