REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Book#1,Chapter#23) Read Count : 26

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
After a beautiful night a sad morning started. Della heiled totally. But many knights sacrificed their lifes for the glory of Zakandlas. Queen Electra with her baby, Balvin, Della, Max and a huge crowd od thunders and lavens picked up all the dead legendary knights on their shoulders and walked towards Land of Legends. This was the grave yard in which King Helorrx was buried and other worthy knights. All the knights buried there and Electra pry for them and after this all people kept silence for 2 hours. After this all people gone one by one. But Electra was standing in front of grave of Helorrx with wet eyes. Then King Balvin, Della and Max came there and stand there with Queen Electra. After this 6 years old little  Price Leon said "See mother father is waving his hand and is smiling!" Electra and other got amazed. Then Max said "Oh it cannot be! Only a Elemento Knight can conversion with souls" Then Balvin said "It's mean Leon is the third elemento knight!" "Not for sure because he is a kid and kids can see souls some times" said by Max. Then Della said "yes you are right he is a child so he can do this." Then Electra said "It was Helorrx's dream that one day his son will become a great knight so take him and trained him it will be a hounner for me that my child will trained by the mighty Knights but you all trained him in alone and keep it a secret" After this Balvin, Della and Max started to trained Prince Leone because who knows Hatrex will came back. Balvin gave himm battle technics training. Max gave him training of super strength and Della gave him training of fight with a sward.



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