Hearts And Minds Debate Read Count : 30

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My heart and my mind keep debating ,but none of them have the answers to the questions .
What I know is that it hurts and no one understands and no one will ever do,
Ask me how I did it I will tell you though I can't explain how ,but truly had I known I would have stopped 
But my heart would not let me ,
My foolish heart beat my brain to it ,
By the time my head realised ,my heart was hurting ,
Love was killing my heart 
Asked me why I won't stop ?honestly I want to stop ,I need to leave and go away ,but my selfish heart will not give me an peace 
It keeps hurting inside me ,affecting my miserable soul ,my brain tries to reason but now even my soul feels a sense of belonging 
It hurts ,it pains ,its torture to my feelings ,my emotions are unstable ,my heart will not let me be 
I wanna let go ,I wanna move on 
Why does it have to hurt so much.
Had I known I known better I would have them stay in submission ,but seeing you changed everything 


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