As a boy, I never considered the effects the current issues would have in my life.  I was in 5th grade when 9/11 hit in 2001. I saw with my eyes on the television set the horror it symbolized for our country. Prices shot up, as the cost of gas priced over four dollars a gallon. Meanwhile, middle class families were being gouged. I was the youngest of three and my oldest brother came to live with us due to marital problems just as I was used to sleeping in my own room. The media made attempts to get the word out that we were being treated unfairly. We entered a long recession and unemployment wasat it's worst.
    I did not know who Barack Obama was in Highschool, but I was inspired by him as I laid my eyes on him. After highschool I went to a junior college to get my degree in paraprofessional education and both me and the college was unprepared for eachother. I took it to heart, I might be able to get a job right after I graduated, but things did not come to pass as I expected. Even during this time, the Press did not let up on Barack Obama; whether, it was disease or a tan suit the media did not let him go so easily with unanswered questions. Yes, some questions directed as a personal were unfair and warranted his anger. But, when it comes to the American people and you are not willing to ask the hard questions, I must ask where is your courage?
    I watched the press briefings today, and I grow more appalled day by day of the weakness you are exhibiting at Donald Trump's press briefings. I understand the fear you may feel, but do not understand why you are hiding your heads in the sand, when it affects you and everyone around you. Your future, your children, and maybe your parent's lives are being affected, but you are softsoaping the leadership. What is your value as a journalist if you do not tell the truth?