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Gimmie a reason to not be ignored I've counted my blessings and still fall short, that's the cards I was dealt, trade with any of you, wish you knew how I felt, maybe its destiny,  my lucks run bad, maybe fate could stab me in the back.  feels like 2 steps back when I cant go anymore, I'm still here tryna figure out why? did you have to condition me for this life of misery or is this more pain to ignore. Want nothing more than a way to let go, but pain and heartbreak run the show. Its times like these makes the great ones forlorn. If you knew my past you'd say I was bad, raised to not give a dam from the time I was born. Lightly bruised my mind screams more. I didn't raise myself, my foot through the door. Not blaming anyone for my grown mistakes I'll own that shit with great haste. Choices I made weren't misguided youth, I was trained to know what to do, map a plan know your course, be willing to accept what's on the other side of that door. If that makes you biased remember these were my choices not yours. Past is the past cant you let go, if it never mattered it never took hold, I look back wish I could see at last ,my choices didn't make me, that was my mom and dad


  • Aug 12, 2020

  • Aug 12, 2020

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