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cant win and lose but want too, minds never made up, lost in the traction, nothing seems well, it's all ok, feelings transpired cant be conveyed, written word to express myself, complicated , cant be there I'm available. It dont make sense, minds imagining what's best, can this be happening, destroyed any chance I ever had to achieve, find one to love, live with, grow a family like i imagined I can see it all, will I ever let it grow, love with my all ,know it will happen, fold this relation till its packaged, change your mind no longer an attraction,  lost in my thoughts, they dont make sense, could I make someone happy when i dont make sense. never understand how life is managed, cant even fathom, hope the  things we went through helped you too, pushed you away it's what I had to do. wishing I wouldn't, how could you love me, this cant happen. Never even felt like it mattered, love memories from the past all shattered, have the hardest time does it even matter?. Too dangerous to commit. though its promising, wish I could feel and know it's real, change my pattern, dont want to relive the past a broken record
 can't commit, take what we had into the void, my voice gives breath, life into you, pass on our joy.


  • Aug 13, 2020

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    Aug 14, 2020

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