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Ok I'm bored my brother just bit me in the butt so hard I cried '-'. I know what a big baby IT HURT HATERS C'MON! I know you wanna laugh but it's like LAUGH AT A PERSON HWO GOT THERE BUTT BIT pff. Hate all you want it still hurts inside...I HAVE DRY TEARS ON MY FREAKIN FACE GUYS AHHHHHHHHH ASEMBLE HATERS YOUR FRIKEN FIRED!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I know I'm dramatic and this is the last time I say this IT HURT!!!!😥😧 Anyway bye I will make another story right after I think I'm only at 8% so any suggestions right down in the comments BYE!!!!😊😁 WAIT I need some suggestions for my next story if I do another post today NOW Bye ( :


  • Zee Musty

    Zee Musty

    write on anything that interest you😁

    Aug 12, 2020

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