Bad Boy||Part 5(Daniel Seavey) ⚠️Trigger Warning⚠️ Read Count : 19

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Sub Category : Biography
You see daniel and his girl making out as you got jealous and break your skateboard"THAT IS IT,  I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!!"You said as you storm up to his girl and grabs her by her hair and you two started to get physical 

You and the girl were going at it as you guys were both bloody and daniel pulls you away from her and the other pull the other girl away"DO NOT TOUCH ME DANIEL,  THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!"You say as you push daniel away and slaps him and runs off back to your car and drives off to your apartment and walks it and gets yourself all cleaned up and ignores everyone who tried to call you and text you 

*At the skate park*

 the guys help the other girl away and corbyn stayed with Daniel “Nice going daniel!! If you wouldn't of kissed that girl MY SISTER WOULDN'T BE IN SO MUCH PAIN!” corbyn said as daniel rolled his eyes“well your sister is worthless!! And she's no fun!! I never loved her! I just using her to get closer to the girl!!!” little did the boys know you were right behind daniel because you had left your phone at the skate park and started to tear up “THANKS FOR TELLING ME I'M WORTHLESS,  I'M NO FUN AND YOU WERE JUST USING ME!!! I've loved you from the day I met you!!! BUT I WAS A MISTAKE EVER FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU!!! I hope she TREATS you better and actually does stuff with you!!! I'M DONE!!” You said as daniel turned around and seen the pain in your eyes he had put you in but you run off before he could say anything,  when you got home to the apartment you locked yourself in the bathroom and took a razor blade and started to cut yourself while crying in pain as you heard a knock at the door so you clean up the blood and put a wrap over your arm and throw your sweatshirt on and go to the door to see your best friend Alyssa standing there“OMG OMG Alyssa!!! Your here!”You say as you hug her tightly 

Alyssa hugs back as you tried not to say ow but you were happy that she was here and that she was gonna be moving in to the apartment so you help her and show her to her room and help her unpack,  you guys talk for a while until it was time to go to bed,  so you guys changed into your pjs but you were still wearing your sweatshirt to hide the bandage that were covering the cuts you had on your arm

*The next morning*

you woke up to your brother calling you so you answer and say “Hello corbyn” he said“Hey sis,  there's a party tonight at our house I was wondering if you and alyssa wanted to come?” You smile and replied“Yes we'll definitely be there,  see you later bro! Love you!” he smiled“Bye sis! Seen you later! Love you too”he said hanging up the phone and you go to tell alyssa“GET UP WE GOTTA GO GET OUR NAILS DONE FOR THE PARTY”you yell as you jump on her bed and laughs and she woke up and pushed you down gently“I'm up! Now let me get dressed!”she says getting up and gets dressed for the day and does her hair and makeup and you drag her down to the car with your phone and keys and goes to the car and gets in and drives off to the nail salon as you get there you park the car and you guys get out and go inside to the salon and tell the lady what you done and you guys get done and drive home to get ready for the party

*To be continued*


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