My Heart Is At It Again Read Count : 31

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My heart is breaking 
I feel the walls of my heart tearing 
I hear every piece shutter to the  ground
The pain I feel is excruciating

Is there a painkiller to kill 
The pain the my heart feels
Rather a cure for the heart pains 
Pains only caused by love
My heart shredded to mince 

I feel it sink into a dark hole
I try to reach out to it but I fail
Each time I try the more it 
Slips away into a a dark pit 

I feel fire burn inside me
Give me water to quench the heat
Send me a doctor to operate 
On this pain that my heart feels 
Without my heart I would be okay

I wish I could I could pull it out with 
My bare hands 
Why is it so painful to love 
Why does my heart have to endure so much torture 

I can feel the eyes of my heart 
Swell ,from the warm salty tears that 
Keep trickling down its delicate cheeks 
With every heart beat its like a blow to my soul 
Why does loving have to hurt so much 


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